[RFI] Smart Meter Lawsuit in Texas

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Each utility will probably be doing slightly different things.  Check your
utilities web site for details.  In my part of Nebraska, the plan is to
cycle the customers' air conditioning on/off in 15 minute cycles.  Only the
outdoor unit will be effected so the fan indoors can still circulate air in
the home.  

I haven't heard any other plans beyond that at this point, but I'm sure it
is coming.  After all, in order to reduce our energy usage to meet the new
2013 EPA regs, something has to give up a lot of power usage to avoid brown
outs or rolling black outs when plants start shutting down.  Unless of
course they fight the new EPA regs in the courts by using NERC requirements.
Battle of the FEDS!

73, de ed -K0iL

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Will someone explain to me what the method of control is?

  Do they cut my electricity to the house?
  Do I have to wire selected appliances to a separate distribution panel so
they can cut it off?
  Do they "communicate" with the appliances?
  What about old appliances that may not have the ability to respond?
  Can they determine the current state of the appliance?

  How is the outage managed?
  How long?
  How often?
  What about medical requirements for environmental control?

  Is there a single management method for control or are they all different?
  Can it be temporarily bypassed?  I want to eat NOW, not at midnight.

Thanks es 73, de Jim KG0KP

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