[RFI] Sling Link RFI

Scott Yost nm8rmedic at rocketmail.com
Wed Jul 11 10:22:38 PDT 2012

I think the wiring is an unintentional radiator.  

It is definitely part of the problem.  

I can follow the signal along every drop lead from the transformer, and at every home on the transformer, and then it drops off quickly.  

Since the field drops off rapidly with distance, I want to at least try to eliminate it from my home's wiring so I can use my portable SW with perhaps reduced noise.  

But the better solution is - as you say - eliminate the beast itself.  Not sure I will have access though, to offer a wifi setup, though that would be ideal.  

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On 7/11/2012 8:44 AM, Scott Yost wrote:
> The AC wiring makes a great radiator, and with 7 neighbors
> sharing the distribution transformer, it has a lot of wiring to use.

It's important to understand that the mechanism at work here is 
RADIATION. The wiring in HIS house is a TRANSMITTING ANTENNA, and that 
is the primary mechanism by which you are hearing the trash, which your 
receives like any other RF signal.  The only part that CONDUCTION plays 
here is that the trash gets onto that wiring to radiate.  The wiring in 
YOUR house is NOT part of the problem, and there's nothing you can do in 
YOUR home to fix it.

Like most noise sources, you've got to get a stake through the heart of 
the beast itself.  From the description, it sounds like a classic BPL 
sort of transmission system, and it's unlikely that it can be "fixed" 
without unplugging it.

73, Jim K9YC

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