[RFI] RFI from HIGH voltage power lines

Hardy Landskov n7rt at cox.net
Fri Jun 1 07:58:20 PDT 2012

I would guess about 120 kV for the voltage on those lines. You will be in 
the near field of the lines and you will get hum but I don't know how much.
Also, do not run an antenna parallel to those lines! The induction field 
will induce a possible lethal voltage on the antenna from transformer 
action. I have experienced that senario.
All in all, I would not go there.
73, GL Hardy N7RT

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> Just wondering....   I have a few acres that run along HIGH power lines 
> and
> wonder if it is even worth considering building a small weekend
> place/hamshack there.  The antennas would likely be between 100 to not 
> more
> than 250 feet from these guys.
> My question is whether RFI is more likely to be generated by these guys
> verses the smaller distribution lines along the average two lane blacktop
> rural road.
> These lines are the big guys.  If any of this helps to identify the amount
> of power, here it is.  Probably a quarter mile of more average between
> supports that are three poles each.  Height is estimated maybe about 40 
> feet
> to the lines.  There are three lines and the outside lines of the three 
> are
> about 31 feet apart.  There are 10 "beads" or "cones" making up each of 
> the
> insulators the wires are hanging on.  There are two cables running above 
> the
> power lines (maybe for lightning to strike them instead of the power lines
> themselves?).  Anybody have any idea of the voltage these would be 
> carrying?
> Thanks es 73, de Jim KG0KP
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