[RFI] Another strange noisy

Paul K. hglent at frii.com
Fri Jun 1 09:22:16 PDT 2012

A few minutes ago I was cruising around the ham bands.  I noticed an 
unusual signal that was pulsing at about 1 pps.  Looking around, I found 
this pulsing signal on the following frequencies +/-
28.0155 MHz
24.9010 MHz
21.0230 MHz
18.0918 MHz
10.1222 MHz
Any one else hearing these pulses, and ideas to what they may be?

I posted recently about the"strange noises" on 10.123 MHz and 10.116 
MHz.  I haven't heard them recently.  Has any one else heard them?

TNX es 73 de WA0BAG
Paul K. WA0BAG

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