[RFI] History Channel creeped across 6 meters

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Sun Jun 3 08:05:10 PDT 2012

Hmm...  FM is legal if not proper in that part of the six meter band.  
Could be an opportunity for some fun....
It comes to mind a story of unknown veracity concerning a local high power  
VHF guy (now SK) who while driving with his high power AM mobile would get  
behind a car of old ladies and start transmitting "You - you in the blue 
Buick -  yes you - this is God talking to you..."  and so on. When they 
started  looking around he knew he had a live one...
73  -  Jim  K8MR
In a message dated 6/3/2012 10:53:12 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
k4ar at arrl.net writes:

It is  gone this morning. Last night it was *very* strong.

Someone off-line  mentioned cheap Chinese made 49 Mhz wireless speakers that
drift into the  six meter band.

This sounds plausible.

I'll keep an eye  out.


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