[RFI] Introduction - power line noise

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I have a bit of experience grappling with power line interference.  I can offer tips on use of the HFDF direction finder if you need to use HF to track it down, though I do note you have the MFJ VHF unit.  Perhaps that has sufficed for your needs.  Please describe your RFI issue so we can consider it.  There are some folks on the list who are professionals in this field (I am not) who may weigh in as well.


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Subject: [RFI] Introduction - power line noise
I just joined the group and pulled an all nighter digging through 
the archives. I've got a number of questions about apparatus for 
finding power line noise which I will get to shortly. For sake of 
making it easier for others to find things in the searchable 
archives I will try to keep it to one subject per post/thread unless 
asked to combine topics.

Power line noise has been on the increase for years and has reached 
a point where my activity is severely limited by it. I have 
completed an initial survey with a modified MFJ-856 (more on that 
shortly) and had a visit from the power company RFI troubleshooter. 
At this point I am cautiously optimistic but with multiple 
intermittent sources I realize it will take time and effort to clean 
this up.

Paul N1BUG

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