[RFI] RfI in CCTV reader

Vin Santis vinsantis at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 27 16:56:05 PDT 2012


I'm a legally blind ham and depend on a cctv device made by EnhancedVision.
I had destroyed two cctv's with rfi.
What seems to happen is the flat  screen monitor  permanently shuts down and
I'm not sure if the problem is in in the monitor or in the camera.
The manufacturer has been of no Help. I've gone so far as to use a brute
force ac line filter with no result.
My operating conditions  includes using  a 600 watt amplifier when the
problem has occurred 
Any help with this problem will be gratefully appreciated.
Vince Santis, N1VS
Winsted, CT 

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