[RFI] Receiver settings for hearing RFI?

bill ny9h ny9h at arrl.net
Sun May 6 06:21:27 PDT 2012

At 09:36 PM 3/11/2012, KD7JYK DM09 wrote:

another opinion...mine...

I have the simpler dipole version of this little am vhf receiver.

It is what it is, and no more. While i can say I did hear some 
commercial aircraft  come thru during the RFI hunt, overall the set 
DOES a great job narrowing down the problem. By shortening the 
extended dipoles, thus reducing sensitivity , the set has brought me 
to the offending power pole .time and time again.....
Regrettably finding the problems has been the easy part.
Back in Illinois ( COM ED ) the hard part was getting the work done...
Eventually the tech guys would come out and verify the problem and 
write the required work orders. And on some occasions accuse the 
workers who did the repair work  of .. NOT doing the work...  On one 
occasion the work order was cancelled by someone internal...  to be 
discovered by another internal person.

sadly ...  letters from the ARRL  and even the FCC were blatantly IGNORED.
I was told they don't care about those ...however do have the local 
gov oversite
into the matter , and things fly.  In Chicago DO call the ICC  ILL 
commerce commission...  they guy who controls the rate increases..
and Watch ComEd FLY.....

But do the prerequisite call the utility ,,,,,  over and over ... 
then bring in the guns  when all else fails.... IT WILL WORK 
bill  /3 

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