[RFI] Is a low pass filter necessary?

Kim Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 10 20:52:38 PDT 2012

Even though I know that modern rigs don't need one and that modern 
amplifiers don't need one and that VHF TV is dead as a door nail (or 
is that coffin nail?), I anachronistically use one. The insertion 
loss is negligible in my case and it does no harm. Besides, if anyone 
has the temerity to complain about RFI, I can point at it and say 
"See? I'm doing my part. Proper filtering. Nothing here is broken!"

Kim N5OP

At 10:41 PM 5/10/2012, John wrote:
>I was on an antennas reflector recently asking about the proper placement
>of a low pass filter and several members asked why am I using one at all.
>They said with the modern radios (I have an Icom 706 original) a low pass
>filter really isn't necessary, that most modern rigs already contain one
>and the spurrious emissions are already greatly reduced. So, what is the
>opinion of list members-with a modern rig, does having a low pass filter in
>line really help to solve any additional problems?
>John AF5CC
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