[RFI] 6 Minutes - a record?

Gerald Wolczanski jerrywolczanski at earthlink.net
Sat May 19 17:14:02 PDT 2012

Scott (transistor at charter.net) assisted me in chasing down an RFI
problem that was wiping out portions of the 40 meter CW band.  I finally
traced it to a sailboat dual-battery charger that was keeping my boat
batteries charged in the off-season.

Unplugging the unit did not make the interference immediately go away.
Indeed the RFI did not go away until roughly 6 minutes after I unplugged
the charger (batteries were still connected to the charger).

Scott asked that I share this with the RFI folks.

So, that took care of my RFI problems until I installed a new ceiling
fan in the bedroom yesterday.  I confirmed it was the fan by shutting
off the CB for the bedroom.  I'm going to build the "brute force AC
filter" described in the ARRL handbook and put it into the AC line
feeding the unit (up in the attic).

Jerry W
Warrenton, VA

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