[RFI] 6 Minutes - a record?

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Good info to know the about the battery charger's desulfating process.

The reason behind the original exchange I had with Jerry (KI4IO)was to share with him that recently I had been toggling breakers while tracking down an RFI source, and found that my relatively new Sanyo TV persisted in generating RFI for well over a minute after power was cut off to its outlet.  There must be some type of super capacitor in it.

The learning point was that quick cycling of circuit breakers may not be adequate with modern electronics, anymore.   And, thus, the title of his post.  He now claims the record for the longest persisting RFI generator w/o power applied.

Again, thanks for sharing the info regarding the charger desulfating matter.  We are building our knowledge base.


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 Unplugging the unit did not make the interference immediately go away.
> Indeed the RFI did not go away until roughly 6 minutes after I unplugged
> the charger (batteries were still connected to the charger).

If this is a charger/desulfator, then it remains doing its stuff
(banging the battery at a few MHz to get the sulfate deposits off the
plates of the battery) even with no AC power.

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