[RFI] rfi problem

Pete Smith N4ZR n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Nov 1 07:34:16 EDT 2012

Don't let them tell you this.  There are specific FCC requirements for 
signal "egress", so if you can identify the frequency with a cable TV 
channel, and pin it on them, then they are indeed required to fix it.  
Tell them that you'll report them to the FCC, and see if their tune changes.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 10/31/2012 5:09 PM, Mike, K9MI wrote:
> I've talked to Comcast twice, first they were going to send out a
> 'contractor' to check it out, and he would be there in about a week. 3
> weeks passed and I called them yesterday and they said that they had no
> responsibility in it since my cable tv works fine. 

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