[RFI] any ideas on this one?

Sat Nov 17 07:07:01 EST 2012

I did some more analysis of it today and left another note for the
homeowner... may post screenshots and data on web page later.  I put a
better antenna on my qs1r and upped the rate and it looks like it is
sweeping across that about 50khz frequency range.  I also looked in more
detail at the screenshots of the harmonics of it I was seeing and did some
calculations and came up with an interesting pattern, then went and did some
more measurements sitting under their power line with a non-resonant shorter
antenna.  What I see is the noise repeating over the following (approx.)
frequency ranges:


Lots of odd harmonics... might make a nice square wave at 100khz or so.

It would seem that the weaker images I was seeing previously on even
harmonics were probably from overload of the sdr-iq as they were clearly not
easily visible today... or it could just be that the smaller antenna wasn't
sensitive enough to make them easily visible, but as I stepped up the
spectrum in 100khz steps it was obviously there every other step... that
would mean to me that if there are even harmonics there were probably at
least 30-40db down.

I stopped there because what I had seen at home was that the harmonics died
out before 3mhz so were no longer interesting... but now that I know the
pattern I can hear it on the south and east beams of my 4-square on 80m
below 3500, from about 3600-3700 and from about 3800-3900khz.  

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> 160m noise, 50khz wide, very sharp edges and stable frequency. 
> recordings and spectrum images at:

Hi Dave,

There seems to be some sort of modulation on it -- is that dithering, or
might it be a Plasma TV?  Just wild guesses.

73, Jim K9YC

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