[RFI] any ideas on this one?

Dale Svetanoff svetanoff at earthlink.net
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As others have said on this list before, you can spend a lot of time
speculating as to the cause of an RFI source.  What matters is to go find
the source.  If you think it is about a mile away, get a portable receiver
(or a rig that runs on 12 VDC) and go for a drive, including suitable
antennas for the band(s) of interest.  You certainly need to figure out if
it is from a power line source or a house/business.  So, as the realtors
say, location is everything.

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> From: Roger D Johnson <n1rj at roadrunner.com>
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> Date: 11/24/2012 8:30:52
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> Well! It looks like the site stripped off my JPG. I was hoping
> someone might recognize the distinctive spectrum. Without that,
> we're pretty much reduced to the "I have a noise. Anybody know
> what it could be?" type of situation.
> Roger D Johnson wrote:
> > Here is a NaP3 view of the noise that's bothering me. I've
> > narrowed it down to a group of houses about a mile away. The
> > noise is on 24/7 so that eliminates a lot of things. Could
> > it be a home alarm system?
> > 
> > 73, Roger
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