[RFI] 24VDC PS - Recommended Quiet Model?

qrv at kd4e.com qrv at kd4e.com
Fri Oct 5 11:19:15 EDT 2012

I have need of a 120vac to 24vdc power supply.

It, of course, needs to be RF-quiet.

Anyone familiar enough with these surplus supplies
who can spot one that is more likely than the others
to run clean, please?

Immediate need is for 1a but I like things over-rated
so they run cool and I'd like headroom in case the
demand increases -- so am looking for at least 4.5a.

I'd prefer that it be regulated.

I'd like to keep the cost under $20., including

Spotted these on ebay:



Experiences?  Thoughts, please?




Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com
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