[RFI] CFL Noise Update - Neighbor Removes Burned Out CFL

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	Do you have a common electrical system?

	Could his circuit have a bad ground or neutral and
it is using a path through yours?


> I recently discovered that my neighbors CFL lighting was causing RFI. I
> managed to get close the light with a portable HF rig and found the
> noise was identical to what I was hearing in the shack; same
> frequencies, same noise characteristics. I should mention that the bulb
> was burned out.
> The problem with pointing the finger at the light as the only RFI source
> was that the noise would shift in frequency when I turned a light switch
> on and off in my home! I recorded the frequency shift "trick" on video:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYHbpLfQ1gc
> I shut the mains to see if the noise was coming from my home, but it was
> still there with the breakers off. The light switch had no effect on the
> noise as long as the mains remained off.
> Long story short:
> The noise went away immediately the moment my neighbor removed the
> burned out CFL. An identical CFL that was working emitted much less
> noise. He hasn't replaced the bulb yet so we'll have to see what happens
> with the new one.
> The puzzling thing about all this is how a light switch in my home could
> have an effect on the noise coming from a neighbors CFL? It doesn't
> appear coincidental because the light switch "trick" hasn't happened
> since my neighbor removed the CFL. It's been a while now and all is quiet.
> Any ideas?
> Tony -K2MO


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