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Alan Robinson robinsah at engr.orst.edu
Wed Oct 31 16:10:54 EDT 2012

Here is a story about success with National RF's 80m HFDF Loop in locating RFI.  In addition to being the local utility intereference locator, Stuart is a licensed ham.

Alan, W4LKE

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Subject: Street Light RFI

Hi Alan,


It was nice catching up with you, however briefly it was, Monday evening. I went back this morning (before sunrise) with the National RF equipment and it worked like a gem. It was raining at first so I had to remain in my car. The null direction wasn't quite pointing at the suspect pole. The customer brought me an umbrella and I walked closer to the pole which increased the signal strength as I suspected it would but the null still did not aimed directly at the pole which bothered me so I walked on down the street to find that the signal strength increased and I had to turn down the gain on the (Radar Engineers) 240. Low and behold I got a better null indicating the next street light down the street. Then as we discussed the other night light began to visibly work erratically correlating with the display on the 240 .


As always, thanks for the opportunity to bounce these things off of you.


Cheers and 73,


Stuart Sloan 

Utility Interference Locator

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