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Thu Dec 5 12:02:59 EST 2013

I could care less about the snake oil, i'm more worried about the sale of what are likely intentional radiators of some kind of rf getting lose in the wild.
I wonder what kind of fcc approval, if any, it may have????

Dec 5, 2013 11:51:55 AM, eedwards at oppd.com wrote:

Technological snake oil has been around a long time, and won't ever go away. 

And Diathermy is still considered a 100 year old medical treatment, but you don't hear about it much anymore. Using it to look younger looks more like snake oil BS to me.

73, de ed -K0iL

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Just hear this on radio ad... "The same RF skin treatment available in your doctor's office, now available at home" 
RF??? on your skin??? and at HOME!?!?!?!?! even if this is in an ISM band just think of the possibilities of an intentional radiator strong enough to do something to your skin left laying around at home! how can ever be thought of as a good idea????


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