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You mention use of braid to the ground rod outside.  That's OK if the braid is encased within some sort of weather-proof cover, such as shrink tubing.  The problem with braid that is exposed to the elements is that it corrodes, and unless you inspect it frequently (at least once per year), you could end with no connection (or a very high resistance one).  If you do not have covered braid available, replace that run of braid with insulated stranded (the kind used for electrical work - not welding cable) copper wire.  No. 6 or No. 4 AWG will be fine.

I've been following the thread.  Lots of good input from K9YC, and please do let us know what you find when you reduce power.  

73, Dale

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>> Go back and CAREFULLY read what I wrote about bonding everything together by
>> SHORT, FAT COPPER. That means a foot or two of #12 run DIRECTLY from the
>> computer to the radio, another from the computer to the DigiKeyer, another
>> from the DigiKeyer to the radio.
>Done.  It's braid from each component (PC, PS, DK, radio) to the
>copper bus bar on the back of the shelf and braid to the rod outside.
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