[RFI] URGENT: Washing Machine RFI

Michael Sciascia sciascia at me.com
Sun Feb 24 22:16:00 EST 2013

Does anyone have an LG washer that they can listen to on a portable consumer shortwave radio?

I've received a couple of recommendations for an LG WM2277HW as being RFI free.   Unfortunately this is now a discontinued model.  

All of the washers that I have listened to in the store (on a portable shortwave radio with a whip) make RFI.   Many are not heard 10 or 15 feet away.

This is typical for all of the LG washers that I have listened to.   My neighbor has the recommended LG WM2277HW and it does the same thing.  I can hear it up close but it is quiet 10 or 15 feet away.   I don't think I have ever heard it from across the street on my dipole.  

I'd like to get a couple of confirming reports about reception of LG washing machine RFI using a portable radio.   If the reports agree that the washer is not an RFI problem with a real radio and dipole, but it can still be heard on a portable radio in the laundry room then I can be a bit more confident that the LG's are a reasonable risk to purchase.

So far I have found no one with a decent return policy.  Most have none... no buyer's remorse allowed.    The best one was a 25% restocking fee.

If all goes well we will purchase an LG this weekend.   Please help if you can!


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