[RFI] RFI Noise - Part II

t.izak k1tl at cox.net
Thu Jul 4 19:14:42 EDT 2013

Hello RFI'ers,

Well, my ham buddy (N1NK)and I finally located the source of the RFI. I
seemed to be coming from a 3-car garage with a loft above it with a detached
house.  The garage looks to have power as one of the power poles is next to
it with a feeder coming into the garage.

We knocked on the door of the house and no one came out. We then went to the
garage as there were stairs leading up the loft area and knocked on that
door and no one was home.  The owners wife came out of the house we were at
and we explained to her about the noise situation most likely emanating from
the garage. Then her husband came out and told us to get off the property. I
asked him if he has an AC unit with a programable timer/thermostat and he
said yes and it was no concern of ours. At that point we turned around and
left the premises.

I did notice while we were going up the stairs to the garage that there were
two vents. One looked like an "intake" and the other an "exhaust" which had
warm air coming out of it. I did not notice any AC/Heat Pump units outside.
Now why would someone install an AC unit inside a garage??

I don't know what my next step is to do in a situation like this since I
have not been involved with RFI issues with an "irate" neighbor. I could go
to the ARRL and ask for assistance but this might take "eons".



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