[RFI] RFI Issue Part II

t.izak k1tl at cox.net
Thu Jul 4 21:20:45 EDT 2013

Hi Guys,

Many thanks for all the suggestions/info etc.

I believe that this guy has an AC unit inside the garage. The grow lights
were my first thought but I taped it in AM mode on the K3 and once it turns
on and ignites, there is a whirring sound (like a motor spinning up). After
a few minutes, all that is left is the buzzing sound (S7 on the K3).

I didn't smell any "pot" odor from the vents, just warm air and think he is
hiding the AC unit or heat pump inside the garage and has it ducted outside
via the vent. This is just my speculation.

All my luck now, he will have it on 24/7 instead of 6pm - 10am.

Will give ARRL a try and see what happens but this guy is gonna be tough. He
will be difficult to approach again.


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