[RFI] RFI Noise - Part II

Sat Jul 6 06:48:05 EDT 2013

> I did notice while we were going up the stairs to the garage that 
> there were two vents. One looked like an "intake" and the other an 
> "exhaust" which had warm air coming out of it. I did not notice any
AC/Heat Pump units outside.
> Now why would someone install an AC unit inside a garage??

They probably wouldn't... but grow lights put out lots of heat and you don't
want to cook your plants.
I found explaining that the fcc could get involved and that the noise can be
heard quite a distance away got their attention... this is a redacted
version of the letter I wrote:
http://www.k1ttt.net/160m_rfi/cutdownletter.pdf or
scroll down to the 12/22 entry for links to the fcc letter and w0qe article:

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