[RFI] heterodyne on 17 meters

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 16 02:56:54 EDT 2013

: discovered that the switching power supply in my Rigol spectrum analyzer
: radiates trash that is picked up by a loop near the unit.


I was called out East of Fallon NAS to track down some possible RF/magnetic 
anomolies.  This was after having my watch overhauled after several years of 
not wearing it and switching from an analog cassette recorder to a DVR.

My watch was on my left wrist, same hand I hold equipment in, DVR was off, 
but clock and various soft-start circuits running, kept in left shirt 

The watch produces a high pitched whine and 1 pps pop, the DVR broadband 
hash and whistles from LF to upper HF, even worse when on, forget about 
audio documentation with that.  This drove me batty for a good five minutes 
until I put two and two together.  I eventually put them in the truck and 
parked it several hundred feet from where I was sniffing.


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