[RFI] Charge Pump IC's & RFI?

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David, Cortland, Jim, and All,

As said by others, the chip makers do not need to meet RFI requirements, but it is the users (in this case, the makers of end devices which sue the chips) that are responsible for meeting technical requirements.  Some of the issues that affect RFI performance for a given chip are:

- Clock and data signal rise and fall times
- Signal rates
- Circuit board layout (trace routing)
- Circuit board construction (use of multiple layer board with internal ground planes versus cheap and sleazy single sided boards with lots of jumpers and no impedance control of data traces)
- Enclosure type (conductive material or not)
- Connector choices (when required)
- Power level of the circuit (milliwatts versus hundreds of watts - milliamps versus 10s of amps)
- Price target of end product

That is by no means an all-inclusive list.  Many of us in the EMC industry make our livings by providing design support to equipment designers who may be excellent in product development but lack thorough understanding of the rules for implementing good EMC designs.  When companies short-cut the process of "design to pass" requirements, that's when we end up with "screamers" on the market.

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>Maxim was promoting this via Twitter:
>I asked about RFI data and this was their reply:
>"RFI depends on the circuit you choose, layout & components.
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>Aren't some device-associated schemes inherently more prone
>to RFI and more difficult to tame & therefore subject to
>probable short-cuts in manufacturing and trouble in the field?
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