[RFI] RFI Identification Help

Doug Scribner dscribner at myfairpoint.net
Mon Nov 11 07:40:39 EST 2013

Upon further investigation I have discovered that the interference is also 
present during the daytime although it is much lower in amplitude.  It still 
maintains the same On/Off cycle.

Doug - K1ZO

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> Doug, this might be a street light cycling at night. It's a little fast of 
> a
> cycle, but they only come on at night.
> Suggest you drive your neighborhood at night with a BC radio and you 
> should
> be able to find this if it is a light,
> while observing it go off and on.
> The noise is very strong as the light comes on and quiet when it goes off.
>  Good Luck,
> Lee  K7TJR
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> Symptoms:
> Primarily on 160. Although it is also present on 40 and 80. It is much
> stronger on 160
> Only on at night...after dark.
> Cycles On and Off at set intervals. 20 seconds On and 30 seconds Off.
> Produces S4-5 spikes every 2.5 to 3 Kc
> A neighbor less than 1/4 mile away recently installed an electric fence. I
> do see regular spikes, very short in duration. Not really that much of an
> issue.
> I have verified that it does not come from within my house.
> I have a picture of the interference on my SM-5000 station monitor if 
> anyone
> thinks that would help.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. It has really put a damper on
> my 160 operation.
> Doug - K1ZO
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