[RFI] Good news: Panasonic stops making plasma TVs

dalej dj2001x at comcast.net
Thu Nov 14 14:55:44 EST 2013

Don, they should force mfg to recall all plasma TV's.  I have one next door, it's a little more than 150 feet from my shack, the noise from it is S-9 on 75 meters.  DXing is good on 75 and 40 till about 6:30 AM when the TV comes on, it's a kitchen TV.  It's on all weekend long, I get relief during the week for a few hrs after about 8 AM, otherwise I am on the upper bands where the interference is not as bad.  IT IS a bummer to say the least.   I refuse to be the bad guy and make enemies of my next door neighbor, I feel it is NOT my responsibility to quiet these ill-made plasma TV's.  THAT is what we pay government agencies for otherwise why keep funding them at all.  

73 and thanks for the attention

Dale, k9vuj

On 14, Nov 2013, at 12:07, Donald Chester <k4kyv at hotmail.com> wrote:

> The bad news is that Panasonic is just one manufacturer, and there are already millions of plasma TVs in service that are likely to continue spewing out their garbage for years to come.
> Those things are everywhere! Fortunately for me, I live out in the country and don't have this problem, and a plasma TV will never enter these premises, but many if not most hams I talk to, who live in a densely populated urban area, tell me that plasma TV interference has made the lower HF bands difficult or downright unusable. I wonder if this problem might not be far more widespread than most people 
> think, and a major reason that activity on 160m and 75m has clearly dwindled in recent years. 
> This shouldn't even be an issue. This kind of interference is clearly a violation of FCC rules and never should  have been allowed to get out of hand to the extent that it has. RFI hash trashing up the bands could end up being as much a threat to amateur radio as TVI was back in the 50s.
> I don't understand why ARRL and the AM broadcast industry, along with other HF users such as aviation and the military, haven't joined together to sponsor an urgent research project to retrofit plasma TVs to eliminate the RFI, and then once demonstrated that this would be feasible, exert pressure on congress and the FCC to follow the law that already exists on the books, and force manufacturers and existing users to clean those things up, just as the FCC did with the guy who had the defective well pump motor. Amateur radio probably couldn't accomplish this alone, but a combined effort with other interests probably could pull it off. Remember, NTIA nixed a real 60m amateur band because the government insisted that those HF channels were strategically indispensable for national security. As with paranoia over the health effects of rf, "national security" is another hot-button issue that would likely resonate with politicians and the public.
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