[RFI] Street lights

N1BUG paul at n1bug.com
Sun Nov 24 06:16:42 EST 2013

I'm wondering about noisy street lights - specifically the pattern 
where noise is present for a couple of minutes, then goes away for a 
similar period of time. It has been said the noise is due to the 
light trying to restart after going out. Is it a reasonably safe bet 
that any street light making this on/off RFI will be visibly going 
out and restarting?

I'm wondering if I really need to drag all the RFI tools out with me 
on a street light hunt. If the light is visibly going off/on I 
should be able to find it visibly and confirm it's the one by 
listening to audio from my home receiver via some wireless link, 
correlating to cycles of the light. No? Just wondering here.

73, Paul

Paul Kelley, N1BUG
RFI Committee chair,
Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club

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