[RFI] The Cable TV issue

Charlie Gallo Charlie at TheGallos.com
Mon Sep 2 10:44:05 EDT 2013

So, the tech came out today

The voltage is gone (not the issue), and a loose ground block acting as a diode got rid of about 1/2 the signal, but then we were able to hear what was actually putting the initial RF buzz on the line

My Motorola SURFboard SB6121 Cable Modem

Just to let you know, this thing was putting out quite a bit of RF on the cable TV drop

Now on to the next problem - On 80, there is a once ever 2 seconds (plus or minus, just counting Mississippi)  pules of noise - Bip, Bip, Bip.  2 S units at my antenna.  Problem of course is that the hand held can't hear it

73 de KG2V - Charles Gallo
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