[RFI] EMI/RFI AC line filter design info?

Ray, W4BYG w4byg at att.net
Mon Sep 23 10:39:21 EDT 2013

Did a search online for info on how to build some AC line filters with
little luck.  They are fairly simple to construct, but I need the correct
values for the spectrum of interest.  

Also not  sure what input/output impedance to use for the filter calcs.

Does anyone have any guidance on where to go for good info on building some
dual section AC line filters for 1.8 to 30 MHz?

Looking to minimize conducted and radiated noise from switching supply power
cords and my double conversion (full time) UPS in the shack.  Snap on
ferrites aren't helping enough.

Your assistance would be appreciated.

Ray, W4BYG

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