[RFI] Samsung isn't completely RF quiet

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 24 18:48:21 EDT 2013


I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Read Part 15, and your 
state laws regarding a seller's implied warranty of serviceability.

According to Part 15, harmful intereference is a condition that requires 
the owner to stop using whatever device produces the RF, and appliances 
are not exempt from THAT. This being the case, you could possibly have 
returned it to the seller for a refund when you first noticed the 
problem. Seeing as it's two years now, I doubt you could return it now, 
but you could still try.

If the State Police acquired it, with the wide coverage needed there, 
they could be on Low Band VHF and notice the problem. If THEY complained 
Samsung might get a public black-eye.

I can see the headlines:

FCC asked to investigate.


On 9/24/2013 1737, Mel Crichton wrote:
> Just to reiterate my comments from 2 years ago... Samsung high-end 
> energy-efficient super-(audio) quiet refrigerator creates extremely 
> strong RFI every 5 KHz.....it's from the compressor, not the display...
> No help from Samsung USA... Claimed to have no idea of the problem... 
> they said "Sorry we can't help"...

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