[RFI] Samsung Computer Monitor an RFI Dog

Dale svetanoff at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 26 00:36:25 EDT 2013


Sad to say, that unless you are successful with the application of decoupling and filtering techniques to eliminate the RFI to the TV, your best cure will be to relocate that sloper further away from the house and TV.  It sounds to me like the TV is being hammered pretty good on 160m.

73, Dale

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>I have a similar problem (to the Samsung TV) with a JVC flat screen TV. It 
>will come on when I use a 160 sloper which runs close to the house at less 
>than 50W.  Neither the touch buttons nor the remote will turn the TV off 
>after its been turned on by 160 RFI, the only way to reset it is to remove 
>the AC power cord for a couple minutes then it will work with either the 
>touch buttons or remote.  Running 500W on 160 to a ground mounted vertical 
>some 50 feet from the house has no effect on the JVC TV nor does the full 
>legal limit to a tribander at 50 feet on a Rohn 45G mounted next to our two 
>story house.
>73 ES DX,
>Gary -- AB9M
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>On 9/24/2013 2:37 PM, Mel Crichton wrote:
>> Just to reiterate my comments from 2 years ago... Samsung high-end 
>> energy-efficient super-(audio) quiet refrigerator creates extremely strong 
>> RFI every 5 KHz.....it's from the compressor, not the display...
>A few months ago, I inherited a nearly new Samsung display from a fellow
>ham, who told me that the touch-buttons that control monitor went nuts
>when he keyed his rig. He lives on a small lot and runs legal limit,
>mine are mostly much farther from the shack, so I fired it up in my
>shack.  It mostly worked OK, for the reasons noted, but not when I load
>up a 160M vertical about 25 ft away with 1.5 kW -- the monitor does,
>indeed, go nuts and eventually shuts down, probably due to a
>microprocessor crash.
>73, Jim K9YC
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