[RFI] Deja BUZZZ.. vu

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 29 01:05:20 EDT 2013

: Also, if you report it, don't be surprised when you end up in court...
: There are a host of issues to consider prior to going live with a
: report.

Call the anonymous tip lines.  You aren't required to say anything about
yourself, they aren't allowed to ask but they are required to follow up on
the report.

"My GOD!  He WAS right, there IS an alarming amount of ATF, DEA, DHS, PUC,
EPA, OSHA, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, violations here...  There's even
217 county code violations the guy didn't even mention.  Thankfully we have
at least ONE concerned citizen in the burg who bothered to call the
anonymous tip line...  If he hadn't called in to report the potential fire
hazard due to an arcing doorbell button, the flickering of which could 
easily be seen a half-block away, it could have been years before we knew 
about all this!".


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