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Be sure to buy decent quality LED bulbs.

I tried some Titan 7-LED bulbs & they all failed quickly - some
within a week and others within a month or so - I did get a refund.

I'm guessing it was poor quality control at the factory & imagine
they are either out of business or else fixed the problem.

They were new to market at the time.

David KD4E

> I've had several modern day CFL's fail.  Just the other day one in
> the basement which is on 24/7 went out.  I thought I had a bad socket
> as I unscrewed the light and back in again, it started up on for a
> few seconds but then went out.  I changed out the CFL with another
> CFL, same size and it's still working.  The CFL's that have failed
> have signs of overheating even though I have them in well vented
> fixtures.  A couple of the failed CFL's developed loose glass, but
> weren't cracked just loose.  I also dissected one too, curious what's
> inside.  I found an IC, some resistors and capacitors mounted on a
> PWB.  I have not noticed any RF noise from any CFL and we have quite
> a few around the house.  I must say it takes a couple years for them
> to fail and several are on all the time.  I have two in the shack in
> Luxo bench lamps, well vented at the top.  They are inexpensive and
> I'll continue to use CFL's until something better comes along for
> about the same cost.
> If I recall, the mfg of one brand of CFL stated that they should be
> used in an upright configuration, I take it to mean the heat will
> rise away from the electronic pod below the glass. Maybe makes sense,
> but in my use most of the CFL's are upside down so any heat generated
> from the glass will go into and around the electronic pod base,
> perhaps shortening it's life, just a guess.
> Dale, k9vuj


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