[RFI] RFI hunting on 160: TH-F6a?

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Mon Dec 29 22:52:21 EST 2014

Gee, I grabbed some AA-cells, stuffed them into my F6a, and went
outside earlier - when I saw the original post - then forgot to
post the results!

On a fairly weak AM-BC station, out here in the countryside, I
observed significant directionality e.g. the signal was above
the noise level when I faced north or south and dipped below
the noise level when facing east or west.

It was starting to rain so I didn't attempt further tests.

HTH ... David KD4E

> On Mon,12/29/2014 11:50 AM, Jim Miller wrote:
>> I recently purchased a Tecsun -PL380 but overlooked the detail that it
>> doesn't cover 1710-2300 at all so it will also soon be sold.
> I wouldn't be in a big hurry to do that -- most noise sources that we
> hear on 160M will also be heard both above and below 160M -- they're
> either clocks for microprocessors, switching power supplies, or impulse
> noise from the power system.
>> So now I'm looking at the TH-F6a which has a ferrite bar for 10Mhz and
>> down.
> The TH-F6A does, indeed, have the directivity you would expect from a
> loopstick, but its sensitivity is quite poor. I use it when I get very
> close to sources in that frequency range -- it's great for identifying
> WHICH box or cables are radiating the trash. The Tecsun has FAR better
> sensitivity.
> 73, Jim K9YC


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