[RFI] FCC contact?

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Sun May 11 22:18:37 EDT 2014

On 11 May 2014 at 19:35, Don Kirk wrote:

> I think you need to take a step back. No matter were you look you will find
> sources of interference.

Yes, but THIS one is a jim dandy.

> The question is what source of interference is causing
> your problem. Therefore the first questions that I would expect you to answer
> would be as follows :
> 1) Is it broadband (like 100 khz wide or more versus located on a very specific
> frequency or frequencies), and what is the frequency range that you hear it?

VERY broadband: covers every ham band although there is a very BROAD 
peak at about 3600 KHz where it is 20db over S-9. I have taken 18 readings 
on every ham band, and other than an anomalous "dip" at 24 MHz (which I 
"feel" is caused by either a receiver or an antenna fault), a graph shows a 
very gradual fall off in the noise above, and below 3600 KHz. At 30 MHz it is 
still S-8.

> 2) Is it on continuous or does it sometimes go away?

24/7/365. I DID happen to catch an approximately 30 second-long dip when it 
went completely away, but then returned in force. Furthermore, it seems to be 
getting slowly worse.

> 3) If broadband does it go away when it snows or rains?

Absolutely not!

> 4) Is it local (groundwave)?

It appears to be groundwave. Propagation makes no difference.

> 5) What direction from your house is its heading.

I have been unable to exactly determine that, but so far, it appears to be west 
of me.

> You are a very smart guy, and if you have not answered the above questions then
> you need to do so before you go any further.

See above.

> It does not matter what you think
> the source is at this time, and don't depend on "he said she said" stuff that
> people are saying around town. What matters is identifying what direction it is
> from your location and then narrowing it down to within a city block or smaller
> via DFing. Until you have done this there is no point wasting resources (FCC,
> power company, etc.).
> Note : when determining what direction from your house it is heading you really
> need to make sure existing antennas and other metal structures are not fooling
> your DF antenna. I normally walk out to the center of the street (making sure I
> don't get hit by a car) or large field with my DF antennas to make sure nearby
> metal structures are not re-radiating the signal and tricking me out (HF
> antennas, rain gutters, metal chimney flue, aluminum siding, house wiring, above
> and below grade utility feeds, etc. can couple to your DF antenna or re-radiate
> the signal so you have to make sure you eliminate their influence). You also
> need to make sure you determine this heading when you are in eye shot of your
> house (don't drive a mile from your house, get out of the car, and determine a
> heading from that location as it may or may not be the signal that's causing
> problems at your QTH). 

I've done all of the above. Still no exact determination of the direction.

Another ham and I are going out next Thursday to try to become more 
"specific" about direction.

> I still am interested in hearing and seeing a youtube video of the noise when
> you get the time.

OK. I can do that tomorrow. I have a youtube "channel". Look for W7EKB.


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