[RFI] Question for all and ARRL

Dale J. dj2001x at comcast.net
Mon May 19 19:01:22 EDT 2014

Grow lights, plasma TV's etc, all need to be cleaned up. Hopefully the FCC will become more proactive with this stuff and nip it at the receiving warehouses, better yet at the big box stores and other retailers shelves, it would only take a few.  A pocketbook hit would send a clear message, clean it up or we're not stocking it anymore.   The FCC does it with illegal amps at CB shops, so they can do it with junk consumer devices at retail stores too.  The message will get out.  Just takes a few times.     

All the other drama stuff is left up to the federal and state law regarding such things as illegal drugs, etc.  That's a entirely different mess.  

Dale, k9vuj


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