[RFI] My RFI - weekly report.

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Tue May 27 19:18:01 EDT 2014

For all the effort of "making it work" on an older radio, would it not be
easier to beg\buy\borrow something a bit newer while you track down the
noise source(s)?

I do understand the fascination with older gear, but there are limits to
what we can expect of it, and it becomes easier to use newer gear...

Tom - VE3CX

On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 6:04 PM, Ray, W4BYG <w4byg at att.net> wrote:

> Just wondering: if there have been any attempts to design or fabricate an
> outboard hardware adapter for older model radios to enable the use of S
> Meter Lite?
> I may be wrong, but it seems like some receiver's AGC voltage could be
> sampled in such a way as to interface with the S Meter Lite software.
> Ray, W4BYG
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> Try S-Mater Lite...  See my review of it at:
> http://nk7z.net/review-of-s-meter-lite/
> Then download it at:
> http://www.seed-solutions.com/gregordy/Software/SMeterLite.htm
> Very handy program!
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