[RFI] My RFI - weekly report.

Kenneth G. Gordon kgordon2006 at frontier.com
Wed May 28 10:44:29 EDT 2014

On 28 May 2014 at 7:24, Charlie Gallo wrote:

> > I use what I already have. I must substitute my ability to modify or build for
> > money I don't have.
> The  thing  is,  you sit down and try to modify an old rig to do this,
> when  for  probably LESS money (You can get a working HF SDR setup for
> $20, give or take a few bucks - VHF for under $10)

Having been an IT Professional for over 30 years, I can bet it will cost a lot 
more than $10 for an effective VHF setup using SDR.

Even building an effective antenna for an SDR setup will cost more than $10 
in time and materials.

Although I have not investigated SDR to any great extent, much preferring to 
work with hardware than software, my understanding is that one must have, 
at least, a computer in order to make it all work together.

And although I have built all our computers here for years, those aren't cheap 

It's all a trade-off of one kind or another.

I will repeat: I'll use what I have. Almost all of it was left to me in an estate a 
number of years ago, so it was, essentially, free.

Thanks for the advice. I'll investigate SDR a bit more closely, but I am not 
sanguine about it either. I very much suspect your advice is lacking in 
essential details.

vy 73,


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