[RFI] Another Grow Light

Goldtr8 (KD8NNU) goldtr8 at charter.net
Mon Nov 10 21:22:27 EST 2014


Is there a recording of what a grow light sound like?   I have traced a 
noise less than 1 mile from my home on the low bands, but I need to know 
what I might be looking for.

I know it’s not a power pole as it turns on in the evening but does not last 
all night.


2014 3905CC Top Gun :-)
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Hi Dave,

The filter is my design but I understand that a very similar filter is
in the process of being available commercially.  I'll keep the group
informed as I find out more details.

73,   Tom   W0IVJ

On 11/9/2014 7:32 PM, David Cole wrote:
> Tom,
> Was the filter you offered, your design, (on your web page), or a
> commercial one?

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