[RFI] Nintendo 3DS After Market Power Supply 160 meters RFI

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 11:43:01 EST 2014

I am amazed that a ham can show up at a home with a loop antenna, etc. and
the home owner will let him in to walk around.

Around where I live, they'd call the cops.

To me, showing up at a door with radios talking about RFI could result in
being on the wrong end of a rifle.

I am doing well if my noise level on 160 is S9.  Except for CW, the days of
poor antennas and low power on that band are over.  There was a post-LORAN
period in the 1980s when things were pretty good but now, if you want to be
heard above all the appliance RFI, you have to run some power and have a
good antenna.  The assumption has to be a S9 noise level or worse so bring
all the RF ammunition on the air you have.



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