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Goldtr8 (KD8NNU) goldtr8 at charter.net
Mon Nov 17 21:54:14 EST 2014

Update on my noise problem.   It just went away on its own.   I have the subdivision identified where the noise is from and I will build the simple loop and be ready for when it returns.

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Hello Don

You have found a location where the noise is really strong??? So then try to
pinpoint it with a small receiving loop (fox hunting style)

That loop does not need to be resonant (cause you do NOT wanna transmit with

A 3-4 feet wire ... turned into a loop ... and then connected to a short
coax should do the job

Sometimes these noise sources also show up in vhf or uhf area (if you are
really close!) so then also a beam and a "scanner" could be used to find
exactly the noise source

Good luck



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> Betreff: [ham-antennas] Re: Topband: New RF interference killing RX at my
> Well I made some progress tonight on the way home.
> I used my mobile rig with hamsticks to listen while driving on the way
> home
> from work. I tuned to 3.902 which is a very strong frequency that gets
> trashed at the home QTH and used a 40m hamstick as the receiving antenna.
> The idea for this setup was to be able to attenuate the signal as I got
> closer to it.
> Anyway while driving home with the pre-amp on the IC-7000 when suddenly
> the
> noise was present and strong less than 1 mile from my house. I drove
> around until it got real loud and turned the pre-amp off and it went away.
> I then drove around with the pre-amp on until it was at about an s7 on the
> meter then turned the preamp off as I was close and then drove around
> until
> there was about 1 s-unit showing on the meter. I could hear the noise with
> the pre-amp off when close and the s meter small reading confirmed that I
> was real close.
> The noise is clearly in one subdivision close to my house but I can not
> tell
> what is the source at this time. I also know the noise does not show up on
> the AM radio in the car although bad power poles do show up.
> So to me major progress has been made, now I need to identify where in the
> subdivision or maybe what house this trash is coming from. Next short term
> step is to listen to the links several folks have sent to me to see if any
> of them match what I am hearing so I know what I am looking for.
> I will keep the list updated as I learn more about the problem.
> Cheers and thanks for the tips so far.
> Don
> ~73
> Don
> 2014 3905CC Top Gun :-)
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> On Sat,11/8/2014 9:33 AM, Goldtr8 (KD8NNU) wrote:
> > I need to make a noise finding antenna that I can take in my vehicle to
> > look for a source of noise on 160m and 80m bands.
> Several useful tools. 1) Tecsun PL380 -- a nice AM/FM/Shortwave
> portable, DSP IF, has built-in loopstick antenna. About $45. 2) A ham
> talkie that has wideband RX. My Kenwood TH-F6A does that and has a
> built-in loopstick antenna.
> 73, Jim K9YC
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