[RFI] LED Street lights

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Fri Oct 10 00:37:03 EDT 2014

> : Makes sense power-wise but what about RFI issues with these? Any
> : known or likely concerns?
> Regarding the average street light you may find an many cities...
> I've passed under tens of thousands, made by many companies.  All have been 
> silent except when they malfunction as indicated by flickering or rapid 
> flashing, then they spew broadband hash from LF to UHF.  At UHF I can hear 
> them a few hundred feet away, probably much worse on HF.  Think about that 
> tall steel pole acting as a big antenna.
> Kurt 

The Sodium one in front of my house is a terrible RFI source when it 
fails. I'm wondering about the LED replacements, Wondering if they 
are hash producers? 

I always see the familiar pattern on the P3 screen when there's a 
local sodium light going bad.

Gary KA1J

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