[RFI] LED Street lights

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Fri Oct 10 15:40:24 EDT 2014

We all understand RFI is bad, or we wouldn't be here on this forum. 
This QTH used to be one of the quietest locations for many miles. 
Until Amtrak went electric with overhead wires 20 years ago.

I'm at the point of not needing to live anywhere in particular and am 
seriously considering to a retirement friendly state & a location 
that suits low RFI. It's too bad that older age allows more freedom 
while adding physical constraints and requiring potential health care 
resources that never used to be an issue when young & immortal. 

I do desire to relocate from the RFI around me but it's more 
difficult deciding where than ever before.

These damned street lights are only a part of my problem.


> The last time I had a wide area power, it was amazing what signals I 
> could hear. (and yes, the shack K3 has a backup battery supply, and for 
> logging, I used, wait for it, a pencil!).
> Tom K8TB
> On 10/10/2014 6:09 AM, David Cole wrote:
> > Someday when it is very quiet, and indicative of your normal conditions
> > with no RFI, take a snapshot using S-Meter Lite, your P3 screen, and
> > Spectran...  Keep it, guard it, and always refer to it if you have
> > questions...
> >
> >
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