[RFI] WallyHome?

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 1 20:29:16 EDT 2014

: > Uses 27 MHz transmitters indirectly coupled into power lines.  It
: > looks like a disaster for anyone using 10 or 12 meters.

What about even the legal CB comms in the area?  Then there's the mega-Watt 
guys that cover some 200 KHz and can be heard from AL to NV.


Heard something new on Class C frequency of 27.195 MHz earlier, something 
seemed to be reporting a status of something, odd format, similar to TADIL 
(Link-11, et c.)  I looked at it in Argo for a while, thought of getting an 
audio capture, but too much CB QRM.

Anyone have one of these devices or something similar?

Off-air audio capture?

Time to start hitting thrift shops...


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