[RFI] Nature's RFI on the way.

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Another good article on the subject from IEEE 2 years ago with good sidebar articles and video:
"Of all the parts of the power grid, high-voltage transformers are among the most likely to fail in a geomagnetic storm and also among the most difficult to replace. If a big storm were to knock out several hundred transformers in one fell swoop, manufacturers wouldn't be able to supply replacements quickly-there is no global stockpile. EHV transformers, which can handle voltages of 345 kV or higher, weigh about 200 tons and cost about $10 million each. Building one requires exquisite, near-artisanal craftsmanship, including meticulously hand winding the paper-tape insulation around the copper winding at the transformer's core. One EHV transformer can take several weeks to assemble and test, and it takes years to train skilled assemblers. Even the largest transformer plants can build only about 30 to 50 per year. With the shortage of skilled labor and specialized materials that would likely accompany a prolonged blackout, simply maintaining that level of output would be a challenge, never mind ramping up new production."


The radio outage will be the least of our problems after a big one.

73, de ed -K0iL

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Whether it's major or minor, there is a massive CME on the way.  The 
article is written for the general public, but worth reading:



Roger (K8RI)

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