[RFI] One less plasma TV in the neighborhood

Jason W6IEE w6iee.73 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 17:05:08 EDT 2014

Saw a 42" flat TV on the curb, so I swerved over and grabbed it. Or, I
wrestled its ~100lb mass into the truck.

Verified it would not power up. Would have been informative to take some
measurements with a spectrum analyzer.

Lots of good parts inside that might bring an old radio back to life, or go
to a new home brew build. Either way, these parts were separated from the
unit, as to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN the unit never gets repaired! ;)

I would have liked to take the remains out to the desert and ventilate it
with multiple 7.62mm holes, but picking up all of the shards of glass would
be no fun, so I closed the case, and will set it back on the curb. (it
appears to be a massive vacuum tube.)

Have a very stylish pair of speakers that detached from the main unit, and
the stand also gave up a sizeable chunk of 3/16" steel plate that might
make its way into a bumper or a skid plate for an off road vehicle.

Victory will slowly be ours. ;)

Jason W6IEE

Now, as soon as someone tosses out an LED LCD tv, I might bother fixing
that to hang in the garage.

ColorBurst Liberation Army, #4

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