[RFI] One less plasma TV in the neighborhood

David Cole dave at nk7z.net
Sun Sep 14 21:29:09 EDT 2014

THANK YOU!  One down!  One less Plasma!

Thanks and 73's,
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On Sun, 2014-09-14 at 14:05 -0700, Jason W6IEE wrote:
> Saw a 42" flat TV on the curb, so I swerved over and grabbed it. Or, I
> wrestled its ~100lb mass into the truck.
> Verified it would not power up. Would have been informative to take some
> measurements with a spectrum analyzer.
> Lots of good parts inside that might bring an old radio back to life, or go
> to a new home brew build. Either way, these parts were separated from the
> unit, as to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN the unit never gets repaired! ;)
> I would have liked to take the remains out to the desert and ventilate it
> with multiple 7.62mm holes, but picking up all of the shards of glass would
> be no fun, so I closed the case, and will set it back on the curb. (it
> appears to be a massive vacuum tube.)
> Have a very stylish pair of speakers that detached from the main unit, and
> the stand also gave up a sizeable chunk of 3/16" steel plate that might
> make its way into a bumper or a skid plate for an off road vehicle.
> Victory will slowly be ours. ;)
> 73,
> Jason W6IEE
> Now, as soon as someone tosses out an LED LCD tv, I might bother fixing
> that to hang in the garage.

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