[RFI] Is Icom IC-T90a AM-mode good for chasing RFI?

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Mike et al:

I can and I have...numerous times. Searching the archives here will turn up many recommendations. Jim K9YC just mentioned some receivers to consider in his last few posts just today.

For the 100th time... For general purpose RFI DFing I like the Tecsun PL660SLV. This receiver has good ears, wide frequency coverage, the ability to attach a directional antenna and a good signal strength indicator. 

Other Tecsun models are recommended by others but the 660SLV is my choice and has served me well in the field. It's Air Band coverage is very useful and I consider that essential.

I have purchased the 660SLV from Amazon for about $150. I believe it's a good investment. 

Trying to do RFI hunting on the cheep is often a time wasting and frustrating experience. One good investment will serve you well for years. 

One caution about the Tecsun radios. They will eat batteries even when turned off. If you won't be using the radio for days, pull the batteries. A minor inconvenience compared to the radio's

Good luck.

73, Frank KB4T
Utility RFI Investigator

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Can you recommend any reasonaly priced portable receive to use for RFI detection?


Mike N2MS

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