[RFI] Icom PS-125

Dale J. dj2001x at comcast.net
Fri Sep 19 17:25:41 EDT 2014

I have one, used it for some amount of time and was RFI quiet, it worked well while it worked.  It's dead now, but I'm not going to spend time or money fixing it.  It is relegated to under a shelf, on the concrete floor in my basement shop.  Perhaps there's an easy fix, but switching PS's are not too easy to troubleshoot and fix, at least for me.  

Dale, K9VUJ

On 19, Sep 2014, at 15:43, Leonard Halvorsen <lhalvors at pppl.gov> wrote:

> *Anyone out there using an ICOM PS-125 Power Supply?*
> *I have TWO. **They were bought within about 2 or 3 weeks of each other. I
> was very pleased with them when they were new, but they don't seem to be
> aging well. Both were dead-quiet, even on 160M. Lately, the noise level
> seems to be creeping up on them, one on 80M, the other on 160 & 80M.
> They're only a few years old. I know component values change with age, but
> I didn't think it would happen so quickly.*
> *Anyone else having the same trouble?*
> *Leo*
> *WA2AMW*
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